At Dicle Tekstil, we prioritize the success and happiness of our employees and adopt an effective human resources policy to maintain our leadership in the sector and provide the best service to our customers. Human resources are one of the most important elements of our business. In yarn production, the presence of experienced and qualified personnel is critical for product quality. Therefore, we focus on developing the skills of our employees, ensuring their satisfaction, and aligning them with our business goals. We involve our employees in various training and development programs according to their skills and potential to develop their talents in the right direction. We encourage our employees to be creative and innovative and expect them to act in accordance with our ethical values. We regularly evaluate the performance of our employees and provide feedback to contribute to their development. With an objective and transparent performance management system, we encourage our employees to achieve their goals and contribute to the organization's objectives.

During recruitment processes, we carefully select talented and values-aligned candidates by displaying an objective and fair approach, aiming to incorporate employees who can provide long-term contributions to our company. Additionally, with equal opportunity and diversity policies, we aim to contribute to the continuous development of our company by hiring individuals with different skills and experiences. To increase the motivation and commitment of our employees, we offer fair and competitive salary policies, social benefits, and career development opportunities. It is our responsibility to provide the healthiest and most comfortable working environment for our employees, who are the most valuable assets in our business. We continuously improve the comfort of our workspaces based on the feedback we receive from our employees. By promoting collaboration, respect, and tolerance in the workplace, we ensure that our employees succeed in a healthy and safe environment. With all these policies, we aim to create successful and happy employees in our company, strengthen our employer brand, and maintain our leadership in the sector.