Since 2002, our company has a twisting machinery range with a monthly capacity of 90,000 kg

High quality being of utmost importance for our company,to achieve optimum results in production,the very sophisticated Italian Tuan-B pliers from Fadis and Geminis-S Twisters from Savio make up the factory production line.


Moreover, the Magitex brand Travelling cleaners performing excellent suction anb blowing functions over the twisters and pliers, together with the screening system between the said machines ensure the highest quality level of the end-product.

Our machinery has the capabilty of processing all kinds of yarns from Ne 10 to Ne 120 made from staple fiber, giving them a twist ranging from 300 t/m to 1500 t/m in multi-ply S or Z twist, with or without elastan depending on the customer’s need.

Fixing machinery for Z twist crepe yarns is also available in our premises.


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