Our company was founded in 1975 in Yesildirek, the center of the Textile goods trade of the epoch. In the 1980s, joining new generation and energy led to noticeably increase the company’s product range in the  man-made yarn and fiber market and securing an important market share.

From 1990 on, imports of particularly raw white and coloured polyester/viscose blend yarns from India, P.R.C., Vietnam and Thailand  with continuously increasing volumes placed the company to its leading position in the sector. Never giving up on quality as its first priority, our company has been importing goods supplied by companies which for years have had the ISO 9001 and Oeko-tex Standard documents and earned its excellent reputation in the sector.

In 2002, with the perspective to organize the enterprise’s growing sales and stocks under one roof and meet our customers’ demands more efficiently, the company has moved its offices to its own Factory building of 11.000 sq. mt. covered space in Beylikdüzü Organized Industrial Zone, where the recently purchased Elastan twisters had been installed.

Today, our company enjoys the advantages of being able to merge 50 years of commercial experience and perspicacity  with an entrepreneurial

young generation. Its vast colour palette especially in polyester/viscose blend yarns and other various yarns as fresh stocks enables immediate servicing to both knitters and weavers.


Dicle Tekstil 2013